Fill society and mind with green.

When people touch natural plants, they feel happy. In order to make you feel more comfortable with that feeling, Fillgreen Co., Ltd. was born in June 2021.
The concept is “Fill society and mind with green.
We will create a comfortable relationship between people and plants, and promote efforts for greening, health, SDGs, etc. based on greening business and EC site business.

Our mission is to increase the green scenery in our daily lives and contribute to the health of people’s minds and bodies. We provide the latest and best services that meet diverse needs with our business partners.

Proposal for office greenery.

Development Sales Division

Handling services and products
・Design proposal for green spaces
・Rental and sales of indoor plants
・Comprehensive proposal for art flowers and greening using flower designers
・Solution proposals related to greening in general such as wall greening and biotopes

Development Sales Division

Buisiness Operation Division

Expand EC site at own shop. Handling services and products
・Phalaenopsis orchids that contribute to society
・Indoor plants
・Dried flowers
・Artificial flowers

Business Operation Division