Proposal for office greenery.


The environment in which plants grow is also good for the human body.

The office and greenery have an excellent compatibility relationship.

Modern humans spend most of their day indoors. The clean air obtained by photosynthesis of plants is healthy air and naturally leads to clear thinking. In addition, it can be expected that the indoor environment will be comfortable both psychologically and physically by keeping the indoor environment comfortable with various effects that plants have.


Air purification effect

Effects of office greenery

Both fake and fresh have merits. Various effects can be expected. Please consider introducing it to your office.

Produces oxygen

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen through photosynthesis. Therefore, just by decorating with foliage plants, the room is always filled with fresh oxygen.

Suppression effect of mold and absorption of harmful substances.

Phytochemicals released by plants have the effect of suppressing harmful spores and bacteria that are harmful to the human body. In addition, there are harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and ammonia in invisible dirt generated from organic compounds generated from wallpaper and furniture and smoke from tobacco, but plants have the function of adsorbing these chemicals.


There are various other effects.


You can expect a humidifying effect.

Plants have the function of absorbing water from the roots and evaporating it from the leaves to maintain the humidity balance in the air when the surrounding air is dry. This function can be expected to humidify the room.

Visual fatigue relief effect.

Looking at plants can help relieve eye fatigue. In workplaces where desk work is common, many people feel eye strain from working on computers. Looking at plants during breaks can help reduce eye fatigue. Plants also have a moisturizing effect that can prevent dry eyes.

Improvement of psychological comfort

Green is said to have a psychological effect of soothing people’s hearts. Being surrounded by greenery in the office creates a relaxing effect and can be expected to improve everyone’s motivation.

Activation of communication

Green has various characteristics that can relieve tension and soothe and soften feelings. Natural communication in the workplace should be smooth, and good human relationships should be built. Also, people naturally gather where green is placed. It is expected that there will be an increase in opportunities for communication with people who do not usually interact.

Stress reduction effect

We feel refreshed just by going to the forest or river. The natural scenery gives us peace of mind in a mysterious way. It is said that this memory is called “inner nature”. When we see foliage plants or greenery, we connect with our inner nature and produce an effect that relieves stress and fatigue.


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