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Introduction examples

April 2022 Maguchi Group Co., Ltd. 4th floor head office Office green/office renovation

Fake green installed on the entrance side

Visual effects are maximized with a green wall covering the entire wall

Fresh green is arranged around the desk

Aluminum is incorporated into the root part, allowing fresh green to be arranged in a free layout.

Fresh green stands out in the midst of glass wool

Greening refreshes tired eyes from computer work


fresh green

An office green environment with various benefits such as air purification and relaxation is essential for future offices. It is possible to maintain fresh plants at all times with monthly maintenance.

The base of the plant has a watering system, so there is no need for time-consuming watering. You can introduce it without maintenance management by leaving it to monthly maintenance.


fake green

It is a maintenance-free artificial plant. You can create visual effects in various places such as walls and ceilings without any care.

Sophisticated fake greens are difficult to distinguish as fake unless you get very close.