Realize your ideal office in one stop


We will realize your ideal office in one stop.

We will realize everything from planning, proposal, construction, moving, maintenance, etc. in one stop with the cooperation of group companies. We will respond to renovations of various sizes from less than 10 people to over 1,000 people.

We handle everything from planning to production in-house through cooperation between group business companies. This enables speedy decision-making and proposals due to a common understanding of the project’s objectives and smooth cooperation between each specialized department.

Project flow

  Hearing Requirement clarification On-site survey Presentation Design and cost adjustment Contracting Material arrangement Construction work Delivery Maintenance

We will sort out the requirements and issues by hearing from the customer’s perspective and bring out the ideal office


We will propose low cost, functionality and design from the customer’s perspective according to your budget.


Please leave all negotiations and contract procedures to us.


We can also propose functions that are in line with the times, such as infection control and remote work support.



The wall is maintenance-free with elaborate fake greenery.


Entrance wall surface production


Design that harmonizes by leaving some of the pre-renovation elements


Online compatible meeting room


main office


Use curved glass


Can arrange colorful plants


Fresh greens around the desk to feel the effect of plants


Place fresh greens in the center of the office


All wall-mounted TV processing is done by related companies


Effects of office greenery


Various improvement effects can be expected. Please consider introducing it to your office.


Temperature and humidity adjustment

Plants have the effect of lowering the temperature and adjusting the humidity in the room, keeping the office comfortable. In summer, placing plants by the window can reduce direct sunlight and lower the temperature. Humidity can also be adjusted by the transpiration of plants. In summer, it suppresses the rise in room temperature by the effect of vaporization heat.

Psychological comfort improvement

Green is said to have a psychological effect of healing people’s hearts, and natural greenery is said to provide a sense of security more than artificial greenery. Being surrounded by greenery in the office can create a relaxing effect and can be expected to improve employee motivation.

eye fatigue relief

Looking at plants can help relieve eye fatigue. In workplaces where there is a lot of desk work, many people feel eye fatigue from working on computers. Looking at plants during breaks can help reduce eye fatigue. Plants also have a moisturizing effect that can prevent dry eyes.

air purification effect

It is said that plants have the ability to purify chemical substances such as formaldehyde and ammonia in the air, as well as cigarette smoke. If the air in the office is bad, it can cause unpleasant symptoms such as headaches, eye pain, coughing and runny nose. Office greens can be expected to play a role as a natural air purifier. Rubber trees and dracaenas are plants that absorb harmful substances and purify the air.


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