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Fill Green Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Tetsu NAKAMURA
President Executive Officer Maki OKADA
1-5-29,Kaigandori Minato-ku, Osaka city,Osaka Japan
mail address
EstablishedJune 10, 2021
capital10 million yen
Business content・Proposal-type greening measures (planting, construction, decorative design, maintenance, etc. for spaces and facilities) ・Sites related to EC (electronic commerce), planning, production, sales, distribution, operation and management of various websites ・Internet advertising and program distribution ・Antique business based on the Antique Dealer Act ・Comprehensive decoration contract business in collaboration with flower designers and product sales associated with it ・Wholesale of artificial flowers, fresh flowers and flower pots ・Greening consulting ・Procurement, sales and shipping of food, beverages, daily necessities and other items ・Other related businesses